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1. Sustainability foundations: ESG and circularity 

2. How to design and implement a sustainability strategy? 

3. Climate crisis, energy and a carbon positive company 

4. How to become a zero waste business? 

5. How to become a water efficient company? 

6. What is a business for purpose instead of for profit?

7. What is an Environmental Management System?

8. What are ISO, Green Star and the raiting tools?

9. What are the latest sustainability trends? 

10. From environmental education to worldviews transformation

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  • Access to three online consultations with the experts of your choice
AUD$9.00 per month or AUD$100 anually
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40 hours in 8 self-paced modules

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2-hr weekly support live sessions: questions, discussions, suggestions, exercises
2-hrs monthly networking sessions with guest speakers
Worldviews Community of Practice
AUD $50 / module
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