Welcome to The CAT Venue...where circularity and transformation happen

Combining many years of study within diverse disciplines of knowledge and working experience in different industries and fields of practice, the team behind The CAT Venue has put together a unique online learning experience. We aim to help environmental and sustainability educators navigate and encourage profound worldview transformations. We aim to guide community engagement staff, professional facilitators and anyone interested in learning how to encourage worldviews transformations.

Stopping global warming, eradicating all forms of violence, managing waste, ending poverty, or abolishing animal abuse, are a few examples of current problems that need immediate action, but none of which can be addressed effectively from a single academic perspective or by a single sector of the society. 
At The CAT Venue, we aim to built bridges among  disciplines of knowledge and groups of people, to learn together how to tackle some of the most confronting challenges of our time.

The CAT Venue offers 8 modules to explore our new worldviews-based learning framework, specifically created to encourage and guide the design and implementation of transformative learning experiences.

More info coming soon...